The beautiful Royal Opera House is a larger-scale theatrical venue with a generous capacity, with seating for 2,268 people split over five levels. There’s the orchestra stalls, stalls circle, grand tier, balcony and amphitheatre to negotiate, making it one of the most complex venues in town.

The best seats in the house are in the middle rows of the first tier, the front row of the second and central seats in the third tier. The cheapest seats are in the lower and upper slips, with standing room in the lower slips and the amphitheatre itself.

If you prefer something in the middle price range, choose seats in the stalls and stalls circle sides A, B and C, on the balcony sides B-C or in the centre of the amphitheatre at rows A to F. Bear in mind the seating plan changes regularly depending on the performance.

There are lifts to every levels plus steps if you prefer: 15 up to the Circle, 30 to the grand tier, 51 to the balcony and 81 up to the top tier.